Sunday, August 31, 2008

got me right where they want me; ready for anything

life... funny.

i'm at the OC, trying to get used to it. it's really love/hate right now, but i'm optimistic that it will perhaps be better soon. went to church today, and that was really good. it's great to see everybody. i'd forgotten how awesome worship is in the college class, and it makes me want to worship in everything i do, like i'm supposed to. still working on that one.

in other news, i decided today that if i were to get in a car accident, i want it to kill me. i mean, they're so traumatic anyway, so i'd like my first one to be my only one. 

so there's that.

anyway. back to this. i also got an iphone, which is strange because i had signed up for an itouch. i really don't know what came over me, it was a super last minute thing. i'd like to use this platform to vent about a Christian institution basically condoning materialism, but i'll leave that up to you to decide. all you people who even read this blog. 

so science at 9 in the morning. that's the first class of my junior year. i've got my bike tires aired up, my books are bought, i'm ready to go. i'm actually pretty excited about riding around and doing stuff. i rode around tonite, campus was quiet because it was after curfew. it was really nice. God has blessed me so much more than i deserve; i certainly hope this period of ungratefulness goes away as quickly as it came on. our Savior is a great one indeed. sometimes i have to tell myself to look God in all the little things that happen, and it is those times i see Him most. 

i'm uncertain, but hopeful. wish me luck.

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