Wednesday, December 17, 2008

without your love, i'll never find my way back home.

oh wow, recent posts. melodramatic much?

in case you were wondering, i'm doing MUCH better. i mean...MUCH MUCH MUCH better. the last post was just...desperate rest assured knowing that i didn't confess my undying love to the one i was going to confess it to. thank goodness. that would have made things...who even knows. really awful. i am so thankful for the peace i was given through all of kept me from making impulsive decisions and making things worse. i love it when He saves me from myself.

anyway. in other news.

the jungle book is almost over, and i'm pretty happy about that. i mean, not that it hasn't been an absolute blast, but it's just finals week and i'm exhausted and ready to go home. this play has been an incredible blessing for so many reasons. sooooooo much fun.
God is good.