Tuesday, February 17, 2009

every time you close your eyes (lies, lies)


the only thing i'm disappointed in currently is that i have no food in my stomach. other than that, i'm the happiest i've been in a while. many things could be contributing factors to this joy. here's some:

  • today, i went with nate weger to buy "dark was the night", a compilation of 31 songs from our favorite indie artists/bands, including bon iver, sufjan, feist, iron & wine, grizzly bear, beirut, the arcade fire, andrew bird, and many more. it is SUPERB. i cannot stop listening to it. this could be contributing to my insatiable hunger...i refuse to get up and get food until it's done.
  • a decision has been made about this summer, and i'm officially working at camp! i couldn't be more overjoyed about this decision...i'm so glad i could finally give up on something that most likely wouldn't have given me true happiness. i can't wait!!
  • spring sing is going super well...i'm so proud of our girls! meagan is doing a stand-up job and i'm proud to be a nerd!
  • i've begun to journal (almost) daily, which has been an awesome opportunity for some serious catharsis. dr. huddleston is letting us do a daily journal for 30 days as one of our extra-credit assignments for our drama ministry class. i wish i kept up with it every day, but thus far, it's proving to be very beneficial for me.
there are a million other blessings happening all the time that i often take for granted, but it's times like this when i truly appreciate the valleys that God pulls me out of. that idea is so cliche and overdone, but there's a reason for that, obviously. i can't wait to see how He is going to work through my life and use me to bless those i know and love, and those i've yet to meet.

i pray that the mystery of Christ remains a mystery. i pray that i continue to see it as something i'll never figure out...that i'll stop trying to figure God out. i pray that i trust Him enough to provide, with or without my consent. amen.

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